Happy Birthday!

March 1st is my birthday and, for the last two years, I’ve shut down my facebook page.

Why do I do this? Well, aside from having an issue with the attention birthdays bring. I hate the fakeness that Facebook greeting can bring. Does my friend from 1st grade who I haven’t seen since the last time we ate paste really care that it’s my birthday?

So, I shut it down. I want people who really remember and aren’t relying on Facebook to remind them.

Ironically, as much as I am overwhelmed by the attention, I really do want people to remember. The whole point, though, is remember birthdays. They are important. Take the time to get out of FB and call them directly to say happy birthday. It means a lot more than FB, trust me.

Full of lies!

I was trying to think of some lighter topics… what about lying? Ha! Lying in advertising is a great start! This package is full of lies. I noticed it as I was choking down my hummus, rice & bean burrito.

tortillasGreat taste?! Really folks?! I wouldn’t qualify this as great, but I eat it because it’s allegedly healthy.

How many other things do I allow into my life that are supposed to be “life changing” a “game changer” or has a “great taste” only to realize that it’s hyped up much higher than it perceived itself to be?

In this case, cardboard taste is more accurate. My health journey isn’t always going to be sunshine and roses but it, at minimum, should be filled with materials that make honest claims.

Same thing with my friends, my walk with Jesus and my family. It’s not always going to be sunny days. There are going to be days where my friends hurt me where I am distant from Jesus and my family is just being kooky. However, in that it should always be honest. I never want to continue a friendship that isn’t real. I don’t want to do things just to placate God. (I’m not foolin’ him at all!) and my family needs to know when they’re hurting me.

All of it should be done in love and it should be honest.

For me, it’s the tortillas… but for others it’s more serious. What have you found in your life recently that isn’t as it’s labeled on the outside?