It’s a good problem to have…

I work in a children’s ministry and one day I was explaining to someone who hadn’t been to our church, how my specific classroom works. “We are the pooling area for the preschoolers before they enter Kindergarten (the next class up), they will begin this room at 3 1/2 and won’t leave until the June before they enter Kindergarten. So, the room size gets bigger bigger bigger until June and then WHEW, it’s low again.” I was fairly dramatic with my WHEW because only a few months earlier, we had done that transition with at least 2 of the 5 services reaching close to 100 kids and very few volunteers.

The sweet women touring our building said, “That’s definitely a good problem to have.” I agreed, feeling a little sheepish at the possibility that I had portrayed a complaint somewhere in my explanation. Because while I agree (wholeheartedly!) that it *IS* a good problem to have – it doesn’t take away from the sometimes stressful moments when you think you’re going to burst at the seams with kids.

Then my thoughts turned to who else I hear that from – and I realize, it’s from my own mouth. I have parents (recurring and new) that try to say goodbye to their kiddos as they drop them off.. sometimes going to great lengths to get a response from their child. And I shoo them off into service, wishing them well and then saying, “They didn’t cry.. it’s a good problem to have!” But what’s really happening for the parent is “They don’t need me.. that’s NOT a good problem to have!”

I am on a course this weekend to say something different.. something encouraging.. What do you think?

Do you say something that, when said to you, can be mistaken for not as helpful as you mean it?

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  1. Hmm… good thoughts. I definitely know what you mean about being overwhelmed with childcare. I worked at daycares before I was married, and it is crazy sometimes!

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