About this blog

**As of November 2015 I have shut down this blog and have made all posts private.

When this blog started many many moons ago it was just about random life stuff. It was a public journal of my journey as an employee, a parent, a Christ follower and my family’s journey with a somewhat unique ex-factor. I rambled a WHOOOOOLE BUNCH and sometimes I actually said something intelligent. I had two faithful readers (thanks LW & CB!). In January 2010, I decided it wasn’t doing what I wanted it when, in reality, I wasn’t doing what *I* wanted. I took the year to focus on my family, the church I was on staff of and school. Then, in September 2011, my husband died very suddenly and completely unexpectedly.

I don’t know what will come out of this blog but it will always be tied to my journey after loss. It will include the same randomness of life. As always, I will try to protect the privacy of those I speak of so some names and identifying details may be changed.

It’s no longer *our* journey…. it’s my journey.